About Us

A Jordanian industrial company, with German Technology and International Management Standards and Skills. We specialize in Manufactured Stone, Decorative Plaster, along with a variety of cement water and oil based construction materials, to provide our valued clients with premium quality products within a large variety of shapes, colors and textures. Our products are made of natural components, colored by highly qualified technicians and molded by talented craftsmen. They imitate Nature’s Beauty and surpass all its qualities in terms of durability, color permanence, water resistance, fire ratings and shape.


Raise has brought a new concept in the industrial world - to Jordan and the Arab World - which is the artificial stone that is manufactured with ones of the most modern techniques and machines . this new product has made an important change in the perspective of the designers , the Architects and the builders . eco-friendly and very strong materials were manufactured with natural ingredients and special advantages: natural appearance - water resistance - low cost and very many choices .


to become an eco-friendly factory at the regional level, and to produce high quality products which fit all tastes , needs and expectations.